Miguel Ángel Vázquez


Space and Resilient Communications and Systems (SRCOM)

Phd , Researcher (R3)

Phone: +34 93 645 29 00

Miguel Ángel Vázquez (Palma, 1986) is currently Senior Researcher at CTTC. He received the Telecommunication Engineering degree, the Master’s degree, and the PhD (cum laude) degree from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona, Spain, in 2009, 2012, and 2014, respectively. He also holds a degree in Computer Science from  National Distance Education University.  In parallel to his PhD studies, he worked as a research engineer at CTTC from January 2010.  He was visiting researcher at Patavina Technologies (now A2A) in the context of a Marie Curie Action. His research interest areas are the intersection of machine learning and optimization techniques for communication systems with special emphasis to satellite communications.

He participated in 5 European projects (SWAP, COPCAMS, E2SG, SANSA and ATRIA), 5 European Space Agency contracts (NGW, SatNEx IV, RFSPS, SATAI and SatNEx V), 2 national projects (ELISA and TERESA) and 5 contracts with industries (ENLOG, CIDTUR, Indra, Inmarsat and Gilat). He has been an internal project coordinator in 4 ESA contracts, 1 European project and 1 industrial contract. He is author of one granted patent. He co-advised one Phd thesis and 6 master and bachelor thesis. He participated in the organization of multiple conferences and one special session. He is TPC member of IEEE flagship conferences (ICC, GLOBECOM) and EUSIPCO.



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Machine Learning for Satellite Communications Operations
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10.1109/MCOM.001.2000367 Google Scholar
Why do we call it Mean Square Error beamformer? Study in the unicast and multicast satellite scenarios
Wsa 2021 - 25th International Itg Workshop On Smart Antennas. pp. 397-402 January 2021.
Perez-Neira A., Vazquez M.A., Lagunas M.A.
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Closed-form Multicast Precoding for Satellite Flexible Payloads
European Signal Processing Conference. Vol 2021-August. pp. 910-914 January 2021.
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10.23919/EUSIPCO54536.2021.9616268 Google Scholar
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