HSATCOM - Hybrid SATellite COMunication networks for dual use

Start: 01/10/2022
End: 31/07/2023
Funding: European, Industrial
Status: Completed
Research unit:
Space and Resilient Communications and Systems (SRCOM)
Acronym: HSATCOM

This study will provide potential opportunities to enable Hybrid Military and Commercial SATCOM operations with existing and future technologies and associated CONEMPs to enable NATO Beyond Line-of-Sight (BLoS) Communications both now and within the next 10-year timeframe. The assessment will inform NATO’s efforts to introduce Hybrid Military and Commercial SATCOM concepts and technologies into the NATO communications-information infrastructure, including Concept of Operations/Concept of Employment (CONOPS/CONEMP) and the development of a strategy for implementation. The study should also consider challenges associated with Hybrid Military and Commercial SATCOM employment to force realism of detailed opportunities. These challenges may point to gaps that need to be addressed through science and technology efforts. The opportunities would include the technical solutions to enable hybrid deployment of currently employed and programmed Military and Commercial SATCOM capabilities in support of a single Deployed Point of Presence (DPoP) and consider future Terminal Segment technologies that will be able to simultaneously access multiple Military and Commercial SATCOM constellations via a single Satellite Ground Terminal (SGT). The study should address multi-spectral and multi-latency consideration where NATO can influence SATCOM Research and Development (R&D) within industry to increase the likelihood of Commercial off-the-Shelf (COTS) solutions being capable of being utilized for military opportunities to avoid lengthy and costly bespoke internal R&D. Finally, the report should discuss opportunities where HAPS could support and/or align to NATO adoption of IoT and 5G networking.

Joan Bas
PI/Project Leader
Miguel Ángel Vázquez
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