E2SG - Energy To Smart Grid

Start: 31/12/2011
End: 30/09/2015
Funding: European
Status: Completed
Research unit:
Array and Multi-Sensor Processing (A&MSP)
Acronym: E2SG
Code: 296131
The target of the overall E2SG project is to devise and design mechanisms and policies to assemble. Policies to assemble, monitor and control smart grids, i.e. a set of interconnected nodes whose primary goal is to generate, exchange and consume electrical energy in the most efficient and reliable way by exploiting distributed information that is sensed, transmitted and processed over the same set of nodes and links. From this point of view, E2SG is complementary with respect to ERG that focuses on nodes with generation abilities whose interfaces are the main topic of common interest.

E2SG aims at addressing most of the challenges entailed in evolving the concept of smart-grid to the level needed by both the industrial players and the society of the next decades, and the uprising environmental awareness which will lead to the increasing exploitation of removable energy sources.

To do so, E2SG aims at developing and demonstrating key enabling technologies in, at least, the following fields:

1. node-grid interfaces – especially between generating nodes and the grid.

2. grid-sensing/metering – to collect the information needed for management and control.

3. over-the-grid communication – to effectively carry sensing and control information where it is needed.

4. grid-topology and control – to understand and design connection-induced behaviours improving reliability and to control (local) energy production/distribution by exploiting advanced storage policies.

5. energy routing – to develop flexible and efficient mechanism to transmit energy between nodes, e.g., by properly choosing AC or DC links depending on temporary operating conditions for power consumption.

Official website: http://www.e2sg-project.eu/

Christos Verykoukis
PI/Project Leader
Javier Matamoros
Jordi Serra
David Gregoratti
David Pubill
Miguel Ángel Vázquez
STMicroelectronics Italy
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