Start: 02/12/2013
End: 31/10/2015
Funding: National, Industrial
Status: Completed
Research unit:
Array and Multi-Sensor Processing (A&MSP)
Acronym: SAN INDRA

The SAN project aims at developing a 4G broadband mobile wireless communication system endowed with a wide range of ad-hoc and relaying/mesh routing capabilities. SAN will provide beyond state of the art solution based on innovative concept: rapidly deployable, self-configurable mobile wireless network without any need of fixed infrastructures, external control/management systems. Technology to be developed in the framework of the SAN project will underlie LTE radio interface meaning that each element of the SAN network can communicate also through the standard LTE network. SAN will provide robust and cost-efficient solution for rescue teams in different disaster scenarios when other wireless networks are unavailable.

This part is subcontracted by INDRA and comprises the development of new techniques for providing high security at physical layer level in ad-hoc networks.

Pol Henarejos
PI/Project Leader
Miguel Ángel Vázquez
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