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Space and Resilient Communications and Systems (SRCOM)

Phd , Researcher

Phone: +34 93 645 29 00

Dr.  Luis Blanco received his MSc and PhD in Telecommunications engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), Spain, in 2006 and 2017, respectively. He holds a MSc degree in Research on Information and Communications Technologies (MERIT) from the UPC since 2012. Furthermore, he also has a degree in Data Science and Big Data from the University of Barcelona (UB) and a postgraduate degree in quantitative techniques for financial markets from the UPC, obtained in 2016 and 2012, respectively. In addition, Dr. Blanco holds an MBA from IDE-CESEM, Instituto de Directivos de Empresa (Madrid).

In 2007, he joined the Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC), where he currently holds a position as a researcher. He has actively participated in more than twenty research projects funded by public and private entities, including EC-funded projects (MONB5G, SEMANTIC, EMPhAtic, BeFEMTO, COOPCOM), national projects (e.g., 5G-TRIDENT, FBMC-SILAN, GRE3N), networks of excellence in research (SATNEX IV) with the European Space Agency (ESA) and a plethora of industrial projects with top-tier international companies (e.g, HUAWEI, Keysight technologies, DIMAT-ZIV, Inmarsat, Hispasat, MBI, etc), some as technical leader at CTTC. He has actively participated in obtaining funds from H2020 EU research programs and envisaging the technological transfer in proposals with the industry.

Currently, Dr. Blanco is Project Manager of the MSCA-ITN training network SEMANTIC and is involved in the H2020 project MonB5G, developing Deep Learning algorithms for zero-touch management and orchestration in the support of network slicing at massive scales for 5G and beyond. Besides, he leads the research line on Fast Prototyping of AI-Enhanced Solutions.

Luis was recipient of the INNOVATIA award from IDE-CESEM (Instituto de Directivos de Empresa, Madrid). His primary research areas of interest include optimization, machine learning and big data for wireless communication systems in beyond 5G, M2M/IoT over satellite networks, massive M2M communications for Internet of Things and dense wireless networks.



1)      PhD in signal theory and wireless communications (2017). Title of the dissertation: “Subset selection in signal processing using sparsity-inducing norms”, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC).

2)      MBA, Master in Business Administration, IDE-CESEM Instituto de Directivos de Empresa (Madrid).

3)      Postgraduate Degree on Data Science and Big Data (2016). Universitat de Barcelona (UB). Final degree Project on the development of a new big data algorithm for “Ad click prediction”.

4)      MSc. European Master of Research on Information and Communications technologies (MERIT). 2012, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). Graduated first of his class.

5)      Postgraduate degree in quantitative techniques for financial markets (2012). UPC

6)      MSc.  Telecommunications engineering (2006). UPC


Relevant research projects

SEMANTIC (H2020 MSCA-ITN). Role: Project manager. End-to-end slicing and data automation of Next generation of cellular networks with mobile edge clouds.

MONB5G (H2020-ICT-2019-2). Role: Researcher (involved in WPs 2-6 and leads CTTC’s contribution in WP4). Development of Deep Learning algorithms for slice management and zero-touch network automation in Beyond 5G systems with a massive number of slices.

AT4Wireless (R&D project with AT4Wireless). Responsabilities: WP/Task leader & Technical contributor. Migration of the UL/DL LTE-FDD PHY-layer to LTE-TDD, development of a real-time testing platform and implementation of dual-layer beamforming. Design of algorithms for real-time PHY-layer computation, implementation and simulation of the LTE standard. High TRL prototype.

SATNEX IV Work Item 2.3 R&D subproject with the European Space Agency (ESA): “Ultra-Low Power Machine-to-Machine Communications via Satellite Links”. Responsibilities: Technical leader and contributor. Development of new algorithms for grant-free IoT access for a massive number of ground terminals considering Energy Harvesting.

SATNEX IV WI 4.2 (ESA): “NOMA Techniques for Satellite”. Responsabilities: Researcher. Study of random access schemes that enable the heterogeneous coexistence of different class of terminals.

MBI_ESA (R&D Project). Role: Project Leader. Support to the implementation in a compact M2M/IoT terminal of the algorithms developed within the context of  SATNEX IV WI 2.3.

MUMO (R&D project with DIMAT-ZIV). Role: Task leader and technical contributor. Implementation of an end-to-end High Voltage Power Line Communications simulator based on FBMC (high-level TRL).

I-NBIoTASAT (R&D project with INMARSAT). Role: Task leader (business case analysis). I-NBIoTSAT studied the viability of using the NB-IoT communication system for connecting IoT devices directly to a LEO and GEO satellites. Economical and business studies of the NB-IoT solution were provided as well as some prospective studies of this technology in the next decade.

BeFEMTO (ICT-FP7-248523). Responsabilities: Supervision of an undergraduate student and technical contributor. Technical contribution: Detection of primary users in cognitive radios for LTE.

Inmarsat-I6 (R&D project with INMARSAT). Role: Technical contributor.

I-CUBE (R&D project with INMARSAT). Role: Researcher. Analysis and evaluation of the viability of using Ultra-Narrow-Band (UNB) systems in the return link of LEO constellations. Output: Development of a system-level simulator.

ATTACH (R&D project funded by Huawei). Role: Researcher on IoT over LEO satellites. Convergence of satellite communications and 5G and on the investigation of access schemes for satellite systems dedicated to M2M services.

SmallCellAVE (R&D project funded by Hispasat). Role: Task leader and technical contributor. Analysis of network interference and viability study of deploying LTE/3G small-cells in high-speed trains.

MICRONSAT (R&D project). Role: Researcher. Computation of the last mile channel loses from a LEO satellite to an LTE handset.

GEDOMIS (Internal testbed). Role: Task leader of the synchronization algorithms design task. Design and development of LTE synchronization algorithms for the real-time testbed GEDOMIS® and support in the implementation.

COOPCOM (EC-funded FET). Role: Technical contributor. Implementation of a two-hop wireless network where two relays aid one transmitter-receiver pair to communicate.

EMPHATIC (EC-funded FP7). Role: Researcher. Development of new compressive sensing techniques for the detection of primary and secondary users in cognitive radios.


Relevant project proposals

Dr. Blanco has actively contributed to different project proposals. Next, some of them are listed:

– European Commission funded projects: GENESIS (Principal investigator, ATTRACT call), Pre-6G EVO (technical leader at CTTC, H2020-ICT-52-2020), SWEET (contributor, H2020-ICT-2019-2).

– Industrial R&D projects: BBVA-MaLIC (project leader, BBVA-BIG DATA), ATTACH (technical contributor, competitive industrial project HIRP), SmallCellAVE (technical contributor), etc.

– Projects funded by the Spanish Government: 5G-TRIDENT (technical contributor).


He is co-author of 23 scientific publications: 7 journals + 16 international conferences (i10-index: 6, h-index: 7)


He is regular reviewer of the following journals:

–          IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications

–          IEEE Transactions of Signal Processing

–          IEEE Transactions on Communications

–          IEEE Signal Processing Letters

–          EURASIP Journal on advances on Signal Processing

–          ELSEVIER Signal Processing Journal

He has been TPC reviewer of IEEE GLOBECOM conference (2017-2020) and regular reviewer of IEEE international conferences: IEEE ICC, IEEE VTC, IEEE ICASSP, IEEE PIMRC.


He was recipient of the INNOVATIA award from IDE-CESEM (Instituto de Directivos de Empresa, Madrid).

International conference organization

He has contributed to the organization as a local committee member of the ICASSP 2020 and has participated in the organization of ISWCS 2014.

Academic Mentoring

He has co-supervised the Master Thesis of two undergraduate students.

Presence in high-visibility events

–          Participation in the Mobile World Congress 2014, 2015 and 2019.

–          Participation on behalf of CTTC in the Brokerage Event of the MWC in 2014 and 2015.


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