ORIGIN - TechnOlogies foR intelligent and sustaInable edge computInG INfrastructure and devices

Start: 01/09/2021
End: 31/08/2024
Funding: National
Status: On going
Research unit:
Adaptive Processing Technologies (ADAPT)
Acronym: ORIGIN
Call ID: PID2020-113832RB-C22
Code: PID2020-113832RB-C22

ORIGIN focuses on a critical area of the 5G and beyond (B5G) networks architecture denoted as Edge computing, also known as mobile edge computing (MEC) or multi-access edge computing. MEC can be seen as a distributed cloud computing paradigm, where small local clouds aim at guaranteeing best-in-class performance for the applications of proximity users and connected devices which are expected to dramatically increase in the following years, leading to an exponential growth of produced data. This period will bring ground-breaking changes in a series of vertical industries that will adopt the digital transformation agenda and 5G and beyond 5G (B5G) applications.

ORIGIN aspires to introduce key innovating technologies at RAN equipment-level, Edge servers and Edge devices, which will allow delay-sensitive, massive connectivity and ultra-high throughput applications (e.g., autonomous vehicles, industry automation, tele-surgery, tactile internet) while meeting quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) requirements and network scalability in an efficient and sustainable way. In this context, the main objective of ORIGIN is to bring innovative features along the following key aspects of B5G networks: i) energy aware computation algorithms at the edge of the network for intelligent network management, ii) extensions of software-defined radio (SDR) for Edge computing featuring agile hardware accelerators, iii) reconfigurable and efficient predistorters for B5G transmitters, and, iv) wireless stand-off sensing technology for 5G and B5G safety critical vertical applications.

Nikolaos Bartzoudis
PI/Project Leader
Paolo Dini
Miquel Payaró
David López
Ignacio Llamas-Garro
José Rubio
Marco Miozzo
Luis Blanco
Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya
Universidad de Cantabria
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