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Geomatics (GM)

Phd , Researcher

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Ana Moragrega Estrany received the M.Sc. degree in Electronic Engineering from the Universitat de Barcelona (UB) in 2004 and the Ph.D. at the Department of Signal Theory and Communications (TSC) of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) in 2016. She also received a post-graduate Master in Electronic Engineering (research in Instrumentation and Communications Systems) from the UB in 2006 and previously, 2 courses of the bachelor degree in Physics from UB in 2000.

From September 2004 to October 2006 she joined SIC (Instrumentation and Communications Systems) group of Electronic Engineering Department (faculty of Physics of UB) as research assistant. She participated in an industrial project (TRANSAMI) and in a project funded by the Spanish Government related to wireless sensor networks. Moreover, between September 2005 and September 2006 she was teaching assistant.

She joined CTTC in November 2006. From 2016 she is Researcher. From 2006 to 2016 she worked as Research Engineer (digital signal processing) and received the Ph.D in 2016: “Optimization of positioning capabilities in wireless sensor networks: from power efficiency to medium access”.  At CTTC, she has participated in projects funded by the European Commission (FEMIoT, TIMON, NEWCOM#, SWAP), Spanish Government (ARISTIDES, ADVENTURE) and Catalan Government (2009 SGR 940, FEMIoT) and industrial projects (5GB-CAR, ULTRAMUMO, AT4Wireless, Quetzal). Moreover, she has participated in proposals and reports of projects. She has published and has been reviewer of international conferences and journals. She was awarded a Torres Quevedo Research Grant from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (2007-2009).

Her current research interests include signal processing and digital signal processing for positioning, communication systems, wireless sensor networks, UWB and GNSS. Moreover, other interests are machine and deep learning and energy saving strategies.

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Relevant Projects:

  • FEMIoT Fostering Emergent Market Internet of things, Catalan/European funding – FEDER, Financial Framework: EMERGENTS, (May 2019-April 2022). Participation: a) task leader and technical duties in the reports of the project, and b) technical duties as digital/signal processing researcher: improvement of positioning of the connected vehicle with cooperative hybrid positioning based on GNSS/INS/UWB technologies (system with Kalman filters implemented with Raspberry Pi and UWB transceivers).
  • ARISTIDES – Aprendizaje Estadístico e Inferencia para Sistemas de Comunicación de Alta Dimensionalidad, National funding, RTI2018-099722-B-I00, (01 January 2019-31 December 2021). Participation: a) Technical duties as digital/signal processing researcher: Model-based Machine Learning (Bayesian Networks and Factor Graphs) and hybrid positioning with UWB transceivers. b) Technical duties in the proposal and in the reports of the project.
  • TIMON – Enhanced real time services for optimized multimodal mobility relying on cooperative networks and open data, European Commission – Horizon 2020, code 636220, (July 2015 – November 2018). Participation: a) technical duties as Digital signal processing researcher: hybrid positioning GNSS/INS and GNSS/INS/UWB system and Kalman filters implemented with UWB transceivers and Raspberry Pi (C and C++ languajes). b) Technical duties in the proposal and in the reports of the project.
  • ADVENTURE – Advanced Bayesian computation methods for estimation, prediction and control in multi-sensor complex systems, Ministerio de Economía y Competividad, TEC2015-69868-C2-2-R (January 2016-January 2019). Participation: a) technical duties as Digital signal processing researcher for indoor positioning. b) Technical duties in the proposal and in the reports of the project.
  • – 2009 SGR 940Wireless communications networks and access technologies. Catalan funding,(2009-2014).
  • ULTRAMUMO ULTRA high capacity multicarrier modulation modem for power line Communications. Funding: industry, (2012-2013). Participation: technical duties as Digital signal processing engineer with DSP (C languaje).
  • AT4WIRELESS Development of TDD-LTE Physical. Funding: industry. Consortium: CTTC, AT4 Wireless, S.A, (2009-2010). Participation: technical duties as Digital signal processing engineer with Simulink/FPGA (VHDL languaje).
  • ULAND ® – Ultra Wideband (UWB) experimental transceiver. Internal project: CTTC, (2004-2009). Participation: technical duties as Digital signal processing engineer with FPGA (VHDL) and DSP (C languaje).
  • Quetzal Qualified Ultra-wideband Testbed for Reduced Data Rates and Location. National, project contract/code: FIT-330210-2006-86. Consortium: CTTC, Investigación Total Ware (2006-2007). Participation: technical duties as Digital signal processing engineer (FPGA-VHDL and DSP-C).
A Data-Driven Factor Graph Model for Anchor-Based Positioning
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Moragrega A., Fernández-Prades C.
10.3390/s23125660 Google Scholar
Data Fusion with Model-Based Machine Learning for Weighted Least Squares Based Positioning
2020 14th International Conference On Signal Processing And Communication Systems, Icspcs 2020 - Proceedings. January 2020.
Moragrega A., Fernandez-Prades C.
10.1109/ICSPCS50536.2020.9310020 Google Scholar
A technology-agnostic GNSS/INS real-time sensor fusion platform with ultra wide band cooperative distance measurements for terrestrial vehicle navigation
Proceedings Of The 31st International Technical Meeting Of The Satellite Division Of The Institute Of Navigation, Ion Gnss+ 2018. pp. 1967-1984 January 2018.
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10.33012/2018.16014 Google Scholar
Received signal strength–based indoor localization using a robust interacting multiple model–extended Kalman filter algorithm
Castro-Arvizu, JM, Vila-Valls, J, Moragrega, A, Closas, P, Fernandez-Rubio, JA
10.1177/1550147717722158 Google Scholar
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