5GB-CAR - 5G Connected Car

Start: 22/11/2018
End: 15/04/2019
Funding: Local, Industrial
Status: Completed
Research unit:
Geomatics (GM)
Acronym: 5GB-CAR


This project was developed within the framework of 5G Barcelona to support Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems for live demostration in urban scenarios. CTTC contributions enabled precise and reliable positioning and navigation, a key feature for assisted or autonomous driving. The project involved experimental results from a pilot demonstration involving different stakeholders for assisted driving in a smart city scenario. A low-cost multi-sensor fusion positioning prototype which integrates GNSS, INS and UWB measurements, with communication capabilities was deployed into a 5G communication architecture to test real-time positioning and communication capabilities in delay constraint/safety applications for vulnerable road users. In particular, for cyclist which implied dealing with motion profiles of bike riders.

More details on the pilot demonstration can be found in

Pilot demonstration during MWC2019

Illustrative video with real-time trial measurements of VRU (bike) trajectory











Monica Navarro
PI/Project Leader
Javier Arribas
Ana Moragrega
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