PLAZA6G: Barcelona’s Cutting-Edge 6G Experimentation Ecosystem


Plaza6G is an open general-purpose infrastructure for experimentation in advanced 5G and 6G managed by the CTTC. Designed for user convenience, Plaza6G provides interaction levels that allow users to focus on “what” they want to achieve, while the infrastructure takes care of the “how”.

Plaza6G is built upon CTTC’s EXTREME Testbed®, integrating three vital elements: a novel hierarchical continuous integration/continuous delivery approach to Experimentation-as-a-Service (ExaaS), end-to-end lifecycle management, and three interconnected experimental environments: simulation, indoor lab, and outdoors. Beyond technical advancements, Plaza6G envisions diverse societal and economic implications. As a neutral hub managed by a non-profit research center, Plaza6G fosters collaborations among various stakeholders, positioning itself as an innovation nexus. With a commitment to benefiting the research community, industry, and society at large, Plaza6G represents a significant leap towards the future of connectivity, in accordance with the tenets of the UNICO I+D, as part of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan funded by EU.