TeraFlowSDN: a Revolution for Network Management and Orchestration through Cloud-based Micro-Services


TeraFlowSDN release 3 will further enhance its capabilities with the integration of an Optical SDN controller, expanding device support to include gNMI and OpenConfig protocols. It will also feature enriched network integrations for end-to-end orchestration like IP over DWDM, L3VPN, MEC, and network topology exposure. The management of network topologies will see improvements, and a new Forecaster component will be introduced, providing predictive insights for network management. These additions will significantly augment the versatility and management capabilities of the TeraFlowSDN platform.

“These updates aim to enhance user experience, increase system reliability, and introduce new functionalities for network management and orchestration.”, said Ricard Vilalta, Research Director at CTTC and Chair of ETSI TeraFlowSDN.

To learn more, visit tfs.etsi.org