5G-GOVSATCOM: Advancing Humanitarian Aid with End-to-End 5G NTN Solution


5G-GOVSATCOM project, funded by the European Commission under the Space Programme, will start on March 1st. Under the coordination of the Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya, the project brings together 9 partners from 4 European countries. This includes major industrial players such as Hisdesat, Grupo Oesia, INSTER, Airbus, or Telecom Italia; as well as key NGOs like Open Arms or the Red Cross, as final users.

An end-to-end adaptation of 5G-NTN towards the EU-GOVSATCOM services, requirements and use cases is of capital importance to efficiently deploy European governmental satellite services. To enable such a vision, 5G-GOVSATCOM targets the development and evaluation in a natural user environment of different key enabling technologies that aim to provide full integration of 5G-NTN in the EU-GOVSATCOM framework.

All project developments will be first validated in a controlled lab with satellite connectivity and, then, experimentally tested in close collaboration with final users (Open Arms, Red Cross). These tests will constitute the first 5G-NTN trials with final users and will revolve around two mains use cases: ubiquitous telemedicine in maritime areas, and crisis management connectivity bubble.