GREENEDGE: Pioneering Sustainable AI/ML Solutions for the Mobile Edge


GREENEDGE is a Marie Skłodowska Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN). Its overarching goal is to promote, design and implement sustainable machine learning-based computing systems for the mobile edge.

CTTC researchers Chiara Lanza and Fernanda Famá participate in GREENEDGE. Their work is aimed to reduce the energy consumption of AI/ML algorithms, with different approaches. Chiara, on one hand, investigates continual and federated learning solutions for smart cities applications. Fernanda, on the other, works in optimizing communication in these distributed scenarios, proposing similarity-based solutions such as clustering or representation learning, making their studies complementary. Their preliminary work has led to a reduction of energy consumption reduced in the range of 23.93% to 41.61% in centralized scenarios, and an additional 87% in decentralized settings.