EXTREME testbed ®


EXTREME testbed ® – System level testbed featuring IP mobility

EXTREME ® (Experimental Testbed for Research Enabling Mobility Enhancements) is a multi-purpose fully reconfigurable networking testbed that serves to validate proposals on close-to-real scenarios.

EXTREME ® combines the ease of management of multi-user experimental facilities with the flexibility of proof-of-concept testbeds. It supports both cellular and mesh/ad-hoc network topologies by means of technologies such as 802.11 Wireless LANs or UMTS.

Topics under study include: Next-generation network design, mobility in heterogeneous environments (e.g. vertical and horitzontal handovers), self-organized networks (e.g. mesh and ad hoc networks), wireless measurements and VoIP.

EXTREME TESTBED ®. Detailed Description video

Testbeds built over the EXTREME Testbed ® video