Plaza6G - Hub de innovación abierta en 6G

Start: 01/12/2022
End: 30/06/2025
Funding: National
Status: On going
Research unit:
Services as Networks (SaS)
Acronym: Plaza6G
Code: TSI-064100-2022-16

Plaza6G project aims to build a reference general purpose infrastructure for experimentation in advanced 5G and 6G (and future generations). 5G/6G growing ecosystem will find a suitable framework for its needs, from the testing of applications through the network to the dynamic modification of the network equipment low-level parameters. To do this, two levels of interaction with the platform will be provided (graphical user interface and programming interface), which will be designed to facilitate its use. In this way, users will focus on the “what” and the infrastructure will take care of the “how”. 

The development of Plaza6G is based on the integration on an existing  advanced testbed, Extreme, to which three important elements will be added. First, in order to build a hierarchical continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) environment, the creation, development, and deployment of the experiment will be formulated in terms of what is commonly referred to as network CI/CD. Second, end-to-end instrumentation will allow not only the measurement of all types of metrics, but also the management of all phases of the experiment life cycle. Finally, Plaza6G will provide three types of environments that will adapt to the different stages of technology development and evaluation interests of researchers: simulation, indoor lab, and outdoors.  The implications in society and economy of Plaza6G will be diverse. We emphasize that Plaza6G will become a neutral point (managed by a non-profit research center) that will promote synergies between the multiple parties involved in the development of network technologies and applications, thus becoming an innovation hub. Accordingly, the achievement of Plaza6G’s ambitious objectives will benefit the research community, industry, and society at large. 

Sergio Barrachina
PI/Project Leader
Josep Mangues
Miquel Payaró
Jorge Baranda
Sarang Kahvazadeh
Engin Zeydan
Manuel Requena
Selva Via
Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya
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