CTTC pioneers groundbreaking solutions for beyond 5G/6G communications in 3D networks


CTTC coordinates the Spanish national project AROMA3D which is financed by the Spanish Ministry of Digital Transformation in the framework of the Spanish Recovery Transformation and Resilience Plan (Next Generation EU). The overarching objective of this project is to pioneer technological solutions that will pave the way for the evolution of a future 3D network. This network expands beyond the traditional two-dimensional terrestrial landscape by seamlessly incorporating a non-terrestrial dimension. Accordingly, the project comprises three sub-projects, namely, AROMA3D-Earth, AROMA3D-Space and AROMA3D-Hybrid.

Through AROMA3D-Hybrid, the project is strategically aimed to achieve the seamless integration of future terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks for optimal efficiency and connectivity. AROMA3D counts with the participation of major industrial players like HISPASAT, INSTER, INTEGRASYS and NEARBY computing. AROMA3D includes proofs-of-concept in both terrestrial and satellite environments, involving in-space signal and in-orbit validation. As a leader in cutting-edge research and development, CTTC is committed to push the boundaries of technology and contribute to the advancement of communication networks.