Our team from Services as Networks made it to the top 3 at ETSI MEC-Linux Foundation Edge Hackathon


Congratulations to our team at CTTC’s Services as Networks Unit and their collaborator from VicomtechRasoul NikbakhtSarang KahvazadehSergio Barrachina, and Michail Dalgitsis made it to the top 3 at the ETSI MEC – Linux Foundation Edge Hackathon providing new features and innovations for virtualized mobile and edge infrastructures

They will participate in the Edge Developer Conference at the Edge Computing World, which will be held on Oct 12th in Santa Clara (California, US) with their work on “Virtualized mobile and edge infrastructures with OpenAPI integrations”.

The main features of our solution are:

  • Open5Gs and UERANSIM deployment and connection between them
  • Integration of the custom-made K8s OpenAPI with the MEC Sandbox to scale a video streaming application
  • Integration of the MEC RNI API with the Amarisoft RAN

These features introduce innovations on:

  • Developing a collect/modify/optimize/implement framework using MEC API
  • Parsing MEC API to a well-known research/commercial RAN solution
  • Developing a python client that collects (sends) information (command) from (to) edge application and K8s, leveraging K8s and MEC API
  • Developing an analytical engine that monitors/adjusts the RAN and edge infrastructure to meet required KPIs or scale the deployed applications by leveraging the developed python client

For further information you may directly contact the CTTC members of “Pedraforca” team:

Rasoul Nikbakht Silab at rnikbakht@cttc.es

Sarang Kahvazadeh at skahvazadeh@cttc.es

Sergio Barrachina at sbarrachina@cttc.es