Rasoul Nikbakht

Rasoul Nikbakht | CTTC

Services as Networks (SaS)

Phd , Researcher

Phone: +34 93 645 29 00

A young researcher in the area of machine learning and wireless communications with an excellent track record of publications, industrial experience, and implementation skills.

He received his M.Sc. degree from Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran, in 2015. In Dec. 2016, he was awarded a competitive scholarship to pursue a Ph.D. degree at UPF under the supervision of Prof. Angel Lozano. In Mar. 2020, he was an intern in the Radio Systems & AI group at Nokia Bell Labs France, working on end-to-end learning for 6G. In March 2021, he graduated from his Ph.D. program, focusing on resource allocation for cell-free massive MIMO and developing unsupervised-learning-based solutions for parametric optimizations. After his Ph.D., he started a postdoc position at UPF, where he focused on terahertz communication, non-terrestrial networks, and graph neural networks. Since Jan. 2022, he has been with CTTC, working on 6G and AI-based communications, network slicing, and edge caching in 5G networks.

He has published more than ten papers in reputed IEEE journals and conferences. Also, the open-source implementations of his projects such as video-on-demand streaming using RL-based edge caching and an unsupervised learning-based technique for parametric optimizations, are publicly available on his GitHub page.

Deploying cloud-native experimental platforms for zero-touch management 5G and beyond networks
IET Networks. July 2023.
Barrachina-Munoz, S, Nikbakht, R, Baranda, J, Payaro, M, Mangues-Bafalluy, J, Kokkinos, P, Soumplis, P, Kretsis, A, Varvarigos, E
Google Scholar
UAV Communications in Integrated Terrestrial and Non-terrestrial Networks
2022 Ieee Global Communications Conference, Globecom 2022 - Proceedings. pp. 3706-3711 January 2022.
Benzaghta M., Geraci G., Nikbakht R., López-Pérez D.
10.1109/GLOBECOM48099.2022.10001193 Google Scholar
Video on Demand Streaming Using RL-based Edge Caching in 5G Networks
2022 Ieee Conference On Standards For Communications And Networking, Cscn 2022. pp. 208-208 January 2022.
Nikbakht R., Kahvazadeh S., Mangues-Bafalluy J.
10.1109/CSCN57023.2022.10051020 Google Scholar
Mobile Edge Vertical Applications Using ETSI MEC APIs and Sandbox
2022 Ieee Conference On Standards For Communications And Networking, Cscn 2022. pp. 209-209 January 2022.
Nikbakht, R., Dalgitsis, M., Barrachina-Munoz, S., Kahvazadeh, S.
10.1109/CSCN57023.2022.10051036 Google Scholar
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