CTTC celebrates the Day of Photonics with the PASSION Photonics Virtual Coffee


CTTC, as member of EPIC, celebrates the Day of Photonics on 22 October 2020, promoting and organizing a virtual event with the support of EPIC and the H2020 PASSION project: the “PASSION Photonics Virtual Coffee.” A virtual coffee among the project partners to celebrate our passion for photonics.

On 21 October 1983, the General Conference on Weights and Measures adopted value for the speed of light. At the occasion of this anniversary, CTTC with the support of EPIC and the H2020 PASSION project, promotes and organizes the “PASSION Photonics Virtual Coffee,” a virtual meeting to celebrate together with the project partners the Day of Photonics 2020 and our Passion for Photonics.

The virtual coffee, organized by Michela Svaluto Moreolo (CTTC) and Elena Beletkaia (EPIC) in the framework of the H2020 PASSION project, is an opportunity for the partners to share ideas, material, comments and their “Passion for Photonics” in an open discussion on Photonics KET and future evolution, while enjoying a coffee or tea. The event also includes a virtual tour of CTTC ONS lab and the ADRENALINE testbed®.