INSPIRE-5G+ demo at IEEE NFV-SDN 2020 lead by CTTC


On November 9th, Ricard Vilalta has presented at IEEE NFV-SDN virtual conference the following demo: Applying Security Service Level Agreements in V2X Network Slices. This demo includes contributions from Optical Networks and Systems Department and Machine-to-Machine Department.

This demo presents the instantiation of a high level architecture proposed by INSPIRE-5Gplus to manage secured End-to-End (E2E) Network Slices. Network Slices are associated with Security Service Level Agreement (SSLA) to enhance the security on the virtual deployed resources, thus securing the created E2E Secure Network Slices. The proposed secured network slicing architecture is validated against a vehicular scenario, based on Anticipated Cooperative Collision Avoidance use case. In this scenario, we propose to detect false vehicular messages through a novel SSLA based on an Intrusion Detection System. The demo provides measurement of significant metrics such as mean time to detect, mean time to contain, and transaction speed.


The demo is available at: