CTTC shortlisted for the Satcoms Innovation Group Awards


The CTTC has been shortlisted for the Educational Project of the Year Award given by the Satcoms Innovation Group Awards.

This shortlist has been curated thoughtfully, drawing attention to numerous companies, institutions and individuals who have made a real and tangible difference in the satcoms industry throughout 2020.

Our category  “Educational Project of the Year” has been selected for our work  on the forefront to compare RF signals for interference detection using Signal Correlation, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Having demonstrated automated GSM interference retransmission detection based on I/Q samples, work has been done in projects to identify also other types of interference correlation such as ASI and XPOL, making it possible to have interference detection and analysis done in background without first human intervention.  Future results can be combined with ITSM systems that automated ticketing and potential historical event correlation can help Control Centers in probability calculation for potential future events.

The award will be announced on 14th of September.