Masab Iqbal


Packet Optical Networks and Services (PONS)

Phd , Researcher

Phone: +34 93 645 29 00

Masab Iqbal, an optical communications enthusiast from Karachi, Pakistan, completed his undergraduate studies in Electronic Engineering. He pursued a Master’s degree in Photonic Integrated Circuits, Sensors, and Networks through the prestigious Erasmus Mundus scholarship program. During his degree, he focused on machine learning techniques to address non-linearity in optical fibers while studying in Italy (TeCIP) and the UK (AiPT).

As an Early-Stage Researcher in his PhD in the REAL-NET project at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, he conducted research on secure and efficient optical networks, including point-to-multipoint connections in classical and quantum networks, in collaboration with Infinera, Portugal. Currently, he is exploring quantum communication at the Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC) with focus on continuous variable quantum key distribution. Masab’s research interests span optical communication, quantum communication, and network security.

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SDN-enabled CV-QKD for Quantum Secure Communication in Open and Disaggregated 6G Networks
Proceedings of SPIE. Vol. 12894. January 2024.
Moreolo, MS, Iqbal, M, Nadal, L, Muñoz, R, Morales, J, Pastor, A, Canto, R, Etcheverry, S, Villanueva, B, Núñez, I, Cunha, J
10.1117/12.3002510 Google Scholar
Efficient Solutions for Quantum Secure Communications in Future Optical Networks
International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks-ICTON. Vol. 2023-July. January 2023.
Moreolo M.S., Iqbal M., Nadal L., Munoz R.
10.1109/ICTON59386.2023.10207347 Google Scholar
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