Gabriel De Carvalho


Open Simulations (OpenSim)

Msc , Researcher

Phone: +34 93 645 29 00

Gabriel de Carvalho received the Computer Engineering degree from the Institute of Exact Sciences at the University of Brasília in 2016.
During his internship at the Automation Lab of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, he started working on computer network protocols, implementing part of the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) with DeviceNet/CAN and EtherNet/IP support.
In 2020, he received his Master’s degree in Informatics (computer science) at the University of Brasília, working on wireless communications and collaborative spectrum sensing for opportunistic spectrum access. He participated in research projects such as the EU-Brazil Atmosphere and 5G-RANGE projects. In 2021, he joined the PhD program of the University of Brasília, working on security aspects of Open RAN networks. During the PhD, he worked as a professor of the university. He also participated in the security workgroup of the GT OpenRAN project funded by the Brazilian telecommunications agency (ANATEL), producing a report on system and software-level cybersecurity aspects of Open RAN. During this work, he implemented an O-RAN model (ns3-ORAN) for the ns-3 network simulator, and received a grant from the PLEDESIR project to build an O-RAN testbed and documents its process. In December 2023, he joined the OpenSim RU at CTTC to work on 5G NR and O-RAN simulation models. He is the build system and the Python support maintainer of the ns-3 network simulator.