Fermín Mira


Machine to Machine Communications (M2M)

Phd , Researcher (R2)

Phone: +34 936 452 900

Fermín Mira was born in Elda, Spain, on April 19, 1976. He received the Telecommunications Engineering degree and the PhD degree in Telecommunications from the Technical University of Valencia in 2000 and 2005, respectively.

In 2001, he joined the Department of Electronics, University of Pavia, Italy, where he was a Pre-Doctoral Fellow (2001-2004) involved with a research project financed by the European Community under the framework of a Maricurie Action of the 5th Program Marco “Millimeter-Wave and Microwave Components Design Framework for Ground and Space Multimedia Network (MMCODEF).” In May 2004, he joined the Department of Communications, Technical University of Valencia, working toward his PhD degree.

In January 2006 he joined the CTTC as a post-doc researcher in the area of Communications Subsystems (Research Associate since December 2006).

His main activity is focused on the design, fabrication and measurement of microwave devices. This activity is applied to industrial and public founded projects, such as Flex5Gware (power amplifiers), CowTracker (PCBs), 3DMUX -3D (filters), METRO-LINK+, SensorQ and GIMS (antennas), Drone Extender (Drone repeater), SECIRIS and SECIRIS2 (microwave heating system). Other activities include the development of software for connected cars (5GCAR and 5GCroCo) and study of Internet of Things communications technologies (EnergyIoT)

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