Ebrahim Abu-helalah


Sustainable Artificial Intelligence (SAI)

Msc , Researcher

Phone: +34 93 645 29 00

Ebrahim Abu Helalah, hailing from Amman, Jordan, is an accomplished Telecommunication Engineer deeply committed to advancing the realm of communication technologies. His journey commenced with the acquisition of a bachelor’s degree in Communication Engineering in 2015. This relentless pursuit of knowledge propelled him toward a master’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering, specializing in Antennas, Microwaves, and Photonics for Communications and Earth Observation at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), successfully concluding in 2021.

Within the corridors of academia, Ebrahim embarked on a groundbreaking endeavor, his Master’s Final Project entitled “Microwave Measurements of Material Properties for CERN’s Future Circular Collider.” This groundbreaking research unfolded at ALBA Synchrotron, under the expert mentorship of Dr. Juan O’Callaghan and Dr. Montse Pont.

Transitioning to the professional realm, Ebrahim devoted two years, from 2016 to 2018, to the role of a Technical Support Engineer at Professional Audio Visual & Multimedia Co. LTD. His tenure was characterized by unwavering dedication in providing indispensable support for broadband telecommunication and networking devices, including LTE technology, across various vendors and operators.

In a profound testament to his commitment to cutting-edge research, Ebrahim embarked on a new odyssey in April 2022, assuming the role of a researcher within the Sustainable Artificial Intelligence Research Unit at the Center for Technology of Telecommunications of Catalonia (CTTC). Here, he actively contributes to the groundbreaking PANDORA project, under the seasoned guidance of Dr. Jordi Serra. The project is a testament to his dedication, focusing on fortifying the European Union’s cyber defense capabilities through the delivery of open technical solutions for real-time threat detection, incident response, and endpoint protection. It places a strong emphasis on the pivotal role of information sharing in enhancing security.

Building on this formidable foundation, Ebrahim transitioned seamlessly to the DARLENE project, a pioneering initiative with a mission to revolutionize the deployment of Augmented Reality (AR) in real-time Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) decision-making. The project’s audacious vision involves the convergence of AR capabilities with powerful ML algorithms, sensor data fusion techniques, 3D reconstruction, wearable technology, and personalized context-aware recommendations. In essence, DARLENE promises European LEAs a proactive security solution that elevates Situational Awareness, detection, recognition, and security across all dimensions.

Ebrahim’s journey exemplifies his unwavering dedication to the advancement of telecommunications engineering, underscoring his dynamic contributions to the field. His tireless pursuit of technology for the greater good is a testament to his enduring commitment.

In September 2023, Ebrahim is poised to embark on a new chapter in his academic journey as he commences his Ph.D. studies in Telecommunication Engineering. His research focus will delve deep into the realms of machine learning and deep learning for Open RAN, with a specific emphasis on the creation of xApps and rApps for both near real-time and non-real-time applications. This forward-looking endeavor positions Ebrahim as a torchbearer of innovation, poised to make profound contributions to the field of communication technology.

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