Anton Aguilar

Ruben Anton Aguilar | CTTC

Sustainable Artificial Intelligence (SAI)

Phd , Researcher

Phone: +34 93 645 29 00

Anton Aguilar-Rivera holds a PhD on Intelligent systems PhD degree of Information Technologies and Communications, major in Intelligent Systems from Tecnológico de Monterrey (2015). He also holds a Master degree in automation and a bachelor degree on Electronics and Communications Engineering.  His PhD dissertation is about  multi-objective evolutionary algorithms methods to perform on-line multi-period portfolio optimization for stock market investment. Before starting his PhD he used to work in a steel factory as a furnace engineer. He has experience as a software developer in the transportation industry as well.

After his PhD, Anton came to Europe to work in as a postdoc fellow in Barcelona Supercomputer Center, where he worked in  the implementation of HPC development of AI algorithms for real-time applications. Afterwards he went to the UK to work in the Bristol Robotics Laboratory as a researcher. There, he worked in the CAVForth project, performing research and development on safety verification of autonomous vehicles.

Anton is currently back to Barcelona, working in the CTTC at the 5GMed project. This project is about developing AI-based services for 5G networks in cross-border scenarios.

Some research interests: Artificial Intelligence, Optimization, Machine Learning, HPC, autonomous vehicles, evolutionary computation, deep-learning, CARLA simulator, CUDA, Linux, Data science, software development, algorithmic trading.

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