First ETSI TeraFlowSDN Hackfest


Dr. Ricard Vilalta and Dr. Lluís Gifre from CTTC have organized  as Chair of ETSI TeraFlowSDN group and Chair of Technical Steering Committee of ETSI TeraFlowSDN, respectively, the first ETSI TeraFlowSDN Hackfest during the Network X event in Amsterdam, Netherlands. With the support of the European Commission (EC) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) the event was held face-to-face, bringing together more than 20 developers eager to get a first hands-one experience with the software developed by ETSI TeraFlowSDN, an open source group created in May this year.

The ETSI open-source group TeraFlowSDN (OSG TFS) is developing an open source cloud native SDN controller enabling smart connectivity services for future networks beyond 5G.

ETSI TeraFlowSDN fosters innovation through open-source software for open technologies, architectures, and interfaces in Optical and IP Networking. TFS envisions a programable open and disaggregated network ecosystem allowing to accelerate the adoption of SDN standards. Moreover, TFS supports a large range of use cases defined by several ETSI groups and aims for interoperability with ETSI OpenSourceMANO (OSM).

During the Hackfest attendants have learnt and practice with current development branch of TeraFlowSDN the basics of the protocols for controlling and monitoring transport networks, including NETCONF, RESTCONF, and P4. The interfaces presented have been ONF Transport API and OpenConfig data models. The participants have learnt to deploy TeraFlowSDN controller, how to on-board network devices using Netconf/OpenConfig descriptor files, how to set-up L2VPN services using emulated IP devices and Transport API Optical Line Systems. Finally, support for P4 devices has been demonstrated.

TeraFlowSDN results from the work of the EU-funded TeraFlow research project, lead by CTTC. The research community decided to bring their software to ETSI to maximize alignment with ETSI work, ensure a sustainable project environment, and benefit from its global community reach.

We wish the TFS Community the same success as the ETSI Open Source MANO group who organized its eighteen Hackfest during the same event.