CTTC participates in HEXA-X II, Europe’s 6G flagship project


The European Commission has launched the second phase of its 6G initiative, Hexa-X-II, which aims to position Europe as the leader in 6G technology while also addressing sustainability, inclusivity, and trustworthiness concerns. The project brings together 44 organisations, including network suppliers, communication service providers, technology providers, and research institutes.

The project’s design emphasises environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, security, privacy, and integrity. The main goal is to create a pre-standardised platform that meets the needs of society and business in the 2030s and a system view that will serve as the foundation for future 6G standardisation.

Hexa-X-II expands the scope of 6G networks beyond connectivity and data delivery to include computing, intelligence, and mapping functions. It addresses implementation aspects such as use cases, services, and requirements. 

CTTC participates in Hexa-X-II through its Packet Optical Networks and Services (PONS) Research Unit, leading the activities on Service Management automation of the 6G end-to-end system, and programmability, flexible network configuration and monitoring.