Is your AI really green? Find out with CTTC’s SUPERCOM platform!


SUPERCOM (SUstainable and high PErformance COMputing) is the common experimental framework of the Sustainable Artificial Intelligence RU, aimed at managing data generation, collection, exploration and processing, the three features are the basis for our research. SUPERCOM comprises a modular incorporation of: i) the Central Computing Engine, made of a pool of high-performance GPU-based clusters, ii) the Edge Computing Engine, which is a set of multi-access edge nodes with computing capabilities and, finally, iii) the On-Device Computing Engine, an ensemble of heterogeneous devices like smart sensors, machines (the IoT World testbed), wireless sniffers (LTE) and mobile phones providing low latency, data security and privacy with limited computing capabilities. The platform is controlled via ad hoc-designed software by the Sustainable Artificial Intelligence researchers enabling multiple data processing and mining tools, spanning from real data collection and generation, data cleaning, preprocessing and visualization to model building, results analysis, and informed decision-making. More info: