CTTC leads ETSI TeraFlowSDN release 2


TeraFlowSDN Release 2 provides extended and validated support for end-to-end transport network slicing over multiple network domains. This release complete SDN orchestration for L2/L3VPN provisioning, microwave networks, Point-to-Multipoint integration of XR optical transceivers, and interaction with optical SDN controllers through the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) Transport API (TAPI).

“Our second release of TeraFlowSDN provides unique features to the community”, said Ricard Vilalta, Research Director at CTTC and Chair of ETSI TeraFlowSDN. “Cloud-native SDN in the next evolution for telco transport networks, and TeraFlowSDN is paving the way.”

Moreover, SDN control is provided for OpenConfig-based routers and P4 white boxes, including the ability to load a P4 pipeline on a given P4 switch, getting runtime information (i.e., flow tables) from the P4 switch, and pushing runtime entries into the P4 switch pipeline, enabling full usage of P4 switches.