CTTC hosts a technology mission of Korean and Japanese companies


On the occasion of Mobile World Congress 2016, a number of Korean and Japanese companies have visited CTTC. The purpose was to learn about out the cutting edge research and innovation activities conducted at the Center as well as the lab and testbed facilities available. This visit is part of the inverse technology mission organized by ACC10, the Catalan Agency for Business Competitiveness.

CTTC is very grateful to the companies and institutions which have taken taken part:

Quram Soft, Cerevo, EBG Compleo, ACS, Worker Bee, IM Technology, Vuidea, ACCIÓ Tokyo,  Jangwon Tech, EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation, Transferts LR, Innopia, Daliworks, COMPA, Seoultech, Agence du numérique, Mokwon Unv., Ipon Co. Ltd, Korean International Trade Association, edResearch, Inepex Kft., Zentri.