The TIMON Project “Enhanced real time services for optimized multimodal mobility relying on cooperative networks and open data” releases its second edition newsletter


The TIMON project is funded by EU under H2020 Societal Challenges for Smart, Green And Integrated Transport. It aims to deliver a framework of services to all users of the transport ecosystem – drivers, vulnerable road users, and businesses. CTTC leads the work on positioning solutions to procure for precise navigation and accurate vehicle location, enablers of the advanced TIMON services. CTTC also contributes to TIMON eco-system with an enhanced positioning prototype based on GNSS technology integrated with INS and cooperative positioning solutions.

The project has considerable progressed on the integration traffic information, transport management, ubiquitous data and system self-management to provide real-time services through a web based platform and a mobile application for drivers, vulnerable road users (VRU) and business. The outcome of the project is organized around TIMON services and several technology developments. Regarding TIMON services, their development is structured in five key areas:

• Driver assistance services

• Services for vulnerable road users

• Multimodal dynamic commuter service

• Enhanced real time traffic API

• TIMON collaborative ecosystem

In the TIMON Newsletter you can find further details on the project results regarding TIMON services and TIMON technical developments on hybrid communications, enhanced positioning and cooperative solutions for positioning. Additionally, first solutions for traffic congestion prediction and multimodal route optimization, open data REST API and Visualization are provided. The results have been tested in a real environment under state-of-the art testing facilities, involving TIMON vehicle fleet equipped with novel hybrid on-board communication and positioning units and a first version of TIMON APP and API allowing testing of traffic congestion prediction and multimodal route planning. User engagement has also started through Ljubljana (Slovenia) workshops and further on-line actions, as a preparation for TIMON life pilots in 2018.