Researchers from CTTC participate in the Google Summer of Code as mentors


Researchers from CTTC participated in the Google Summer of Code as mentors.

Integration of the 3GPP TR 38.901 channel model in the ns-3 spectrum module (student: Tommaso Zugno, mentorsNatale Patriciello, Sandra Lagen, Biljana Bojovic)

In recent years, ns-3 has become the reference platform for packet-level simulation in the mmWave domain, thanks to the initial release by NYU of the mmWave module, followed by developments done by University of Padova and CTTC (a telecommunication research center). These developments lead to two different modules: one that takes care of the most recent 3GPP standardization (NR), and the other that is the base for the most experimental features in the mmWave frequencies.

One of the community’s wishes was that the two modules shared at least the details of the channel and the antenna modeling. However, the job of conforming the channel model to the ns-3 high standards was not easy, required theoretical knowledge, and it was not appealing for the agencies that usually fund research.