Geomatics Laboratory


The Geomatics Lab is devoted to the test and performance of geomatics surveys making use of instrumentation available from the market. It is also instrumental for the design, development and manufacturing of novel sensors lead by the Geomatics research unit in cooperation with other research units at CTTC. Its facilities, together with a basic set of Microwave laboratory instrumentation, include a commercial apparatus as a linear GB SAR system, namely the Ibis-L, including its Real Aperture Radar configuration, Ibis-S, for vibration monitoring.

Ibis-L equipment installed in a mountain area during a landslide monitoring (Heimdall Eu Project grant agreement No 740689)

Furthermore, innovative devices implemented by the Geomatics RU are also available, among which a novel 24 GHz FM Radar and some prototypes of Active Reflectors working at C band for Spaceborne applications.

Ibis-S and the K band CTTC prototype during a bridge monitoring in Pontedueme (Galicia)
The picture displays a PNA based radar setup and an active reflector prototype

Other resources include several Global Positioning System (GPS)/GNSS receivers and antennas, as well as Inertial Measurement Units. 

Different optical cameras and various geodetic and surveying instruments are also available. A SAR hardware simulator setup for MW sensors tests is also available: the setup consists of some RF components connected to an Agilent E8361A to simulate propagation at short range. It allows real tests of microwave devices at different frequencies. Software developed in different languages is also available for the handling and processing of the data form these instruments and sensors.