Tutorial on New Radio Models and Usage at 2022 Workshop on ns-3 (WNS3)

21/06/2022 -


Biljana Bojovic (CTTC) and Zoraze Ali (Ericsson), provide the tutorial “NR, NR-U and NR-V2X for ns-3: Models and usage” at the WNS3 workshop.

Date/time: Tuesday, June 21, 13:30 UTC (15:30 CET, 9:30am Eastern Daylight Time)

Duration: 3 hours

Abstract: The goal of this tutorial is to allow a broader ns-3 community to learn the New Radio (NR) module, and all the features that have been developed over time, including the NR-U and NR-V2X extensions, and to learn how to use the NR module and its extensions. The module, with over 1000 GitLab users (including private companies and institutions), has been developed by CTTC. It started in 2017, in the context of a collaboration with Interdigital, resulting in 5G-LENA (the NR module for ns-3). In 2019, CTTC released its first release NR-v0.1, and in June of 2022 released NR-v2.2, compatible with ns-3.36.1. Over the five years of 5G-LENA development, the NR module has added many new features, and extensions, such as NR-U and NR-V2X– both pioneering open-source simulator implementations for corresponding technologies.

The tutorial addresses the following topics:

  1. The NR module introduction (45 minutes, Biljana Bojovic): The theoretical introduction to the NR module, covering the NR module architecture and design, the NR protocol stack, and the main features in the NR module.
  2. The NR demo example (30 minutes, Biljana Bojovic): A hands-on session using a typical NR module example, with a goal to explain how to build the desired topology, configure the NR parameters, go through the NR module traces and logs.
  3. The NR-U module intro and example (30 minutes, Biljana Bojovic): Explain the NR-U implementation and go through a simple example of NR-U and Wi-Fi coexistence.
  4. The NR-V2X design and implementation (45 minutes, Zoraze Ali): The introduction to NR-V2X focuses on the high-level design and implementation details of the NR V2X feature developed on top of CTTC 5G-LENA and ns-3 LTE modules.
  5. The NR-V2X example (30 minutes, Zoraze Ali): A hands-on session using an example included in the NR-V2X module.

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