ELULC-10, a 10 meter European Land Use and Land Cover Map


The Geomatics Research Unit of CTTC has generated the most recent map Land Use and Land Cover of Europe(LULC) using freely available big geo-data within a cloud-based platform. LULC maps provide valuable information for defining the terrestrial and atmosphere interactions of the Earth and providing a realistic picture of human activities and natural environment interconnections. This is useful to maintain and improve sustainable development and planning strategies.
We have generated a European LULC (ELULC) map using satellite observations (Sentinel-1/2 and Landsat-8) and in-situ samples (LUCAS). More than 200K and 300K of in-situ surveys and images were respectively employed in the Google Earth Engine (GEE) cloud computing platform for performing the classification by machine learning algorithms. ELULC-10 project presents detailed information on nine representative ELULC classes over seven European ecozones. The technical reports and high-resolution products will be available via Earth Engine Data Catalog and the CTTC website.