CTTC works in a 5G and augmented reality project to combat crime and terrorism


DARLENE aims to investigate means by which Augmented Reality can be deployed in real time to aid in Law Enforcement Agents decision-making by employing Augmented Reality capabilities and combining them with powerful Machine Learning algorithms, sensor information fusion techniques, 3D reconstruction, wearable technology and personalized context-aware recommendations to offer European in Law Enforcement Agents a proactive security solution which will provide an IoT level of Situational Awareness, detection and recognition, combining cutting edge technology and public security in all security verticals. It will enable Law Enforcement Agents to reduce and prevent crime, and to more quickly respond to crimes already in progress, by enabling them to sort through massive volumes of data to predict, anticipate and prevent criminal activities, make better informed tactical decisions and provide enhanced protection services for European citizens.

The SMARTECH department of the CTTC will focus their work on the 5G network and the collaborative distributed computing tasks required to support the connectivity and computing resources demanded by the Augmented Reality scenario treated in the DARLENE project. The CTTC’s aim will be to demonstrate the efficacy of 5G systems in real-life operational Law Enforcement Agents field trials. For more information click here.