Ana Isabel Pérez-Neira, CTTC fellow researcher, receives the ICREA Academy Award 2020


The ICREA Academy program has been promoting and rewarding research excellence in public universities in Catalonia since 2008, and contributes to intensifying the research of researcher staff who are in an active and expansive phase of their careers. In the 2020 call, the work of Ana I. Pérez-Neira, fellow researcher, scientific coordinator of the CTTC and professor of the Department of Signal theory and Communications of the UPC has been recognized, including other researchers from universities and research centers. Cristina Canal, Cristina Masoller and Marino Arroyo.

The interest of the research of Ana I. Pérez Neira is focused on the development of techniques for data processing and signals for the new three-dimensional communication networks that integrates the satellite, aerial platforms and terrestrial segments.