CTTC starts the new Horizon Europe program with 11 new projects


Good start of CTTC at the new Horizon Europe program. We will soon begin 11 new projects with a 5M€ financial support from the EC to CTTC’s research and innovation activities to design and develop 6G networks and solutions. The specific topics comprehend a broad set of 6G communication challenges including satellite and terrestrial radio access integration for distributed and ubiquitous services, non-terrestrial networks, flexible and scalable networks, sustainability and energy efficiency, AI for secure open or ultra-low power network architectures. It also addresses holistic approaches for the digital transformation or the multidisciplinary approach for a more efficient and effective deployment of geo-energies. More specific details will be available soon at CTTC’s projects web page.  

List of projects:

  • 5G – Satellite TerrestriAl integrated Radio access towards Distributed and Ubiquituous Services for the society (5G-STARDUST)
  • 6G Non-terrestrial Networks (6G-NTN)
  • Automated zero-touch cross-layer provisioning framework for 5G and beyond vertical services (ACROSS)
  • Flexibly Scalable Energy Efficient Networking (FLEX-SCALE)
  • A holistic flagship towards the 6G network platform and system, to inspire digital transformation, for the world to act together in meeting needs in society and ecosystems with novel 6G services (HEXA-X-II)
  • SElf-mAnaged Sustainable high-capacity Optical Networks (SEASON)
  • Smart Networks and Services International and European Cooperation Ecosystem (SNS-ICE)
  • AI-powered eVolution towards opEn and secuRe edGe architEctures (VERGE)
  • A uLtra Low EnerGy secuRe netwOrks (ALLEGRO)
  • MultidiSciplinary and MultIscale approach for coupLed processes induced by geo-Energies (SMILE)
  • Sustainable 5G+ evoluTion to multioRbit multibANd neTwORks (TRANTOR)

Most of the projects are part of the first Work Programme of the Smart Network and Services (SNS) Partnership, which aims to foster European technological leadership in digital technologies and future enabling technologies.