CTTC is a board member of the 5G-IA


In December 2016, the 5G Infrastructure Association (IA) – the organization responsible to represent the private side of the 5G-PPP, the 5G collaborative research program that is organized as part of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program. Has issued new statutes and renewed its Board, leading to a clarified and simpler governance.

CTTC has been a member of the 5G IA since 2013 and in the context of these recent elections, for the first time, it has been chosen as the only academic partner member of the 5G IA Board. Additionally, CTTC has also been appointed to become a member of the Partnership Board between the 5G-PPP and the European Commission.

The 11 companies represented in the new Board are Orange, Telecom Italia, Telenor, SES, Nokia, Ericsson, Huawei, Thales, Nextworks, Interinnov and CTTC, which are key stakeholders from the ecosystem and membership of 5G-IA: industry, research & academics, verticals and SMEs.

The nearly 70 current members of the 5G IA represent various industry manufacturers, telecommunications operators, service providers, vertical industries, research institutes and universities, SMEs, providers of satellite and terrestrial infrastructure, with the aim of having a constructive dialogue and jointly interfacing with the Commission in shaping the future of 5G.

The objectives or the 5G-IA are defined as follows:

  • Ensuring a clear European voice on 5G around the world.
  • Reaching out to vertical industry sectors (“verticals”) and ensuring the EU’ssupport/enforcement of the required policies and regulations to embrace 5G in thevarious vertical sectors in Europe.
  • Steering the 5G PPP program implementation through cross project cooperationin Europe, and targeting in a consistent way the exploitation of the 5G PPP results.
  • Promoting the availability of radio spectrum, as well as a holistic standardization roadmap with the aim of reaching a globally harmonized and interoperable 5G communications standard.
  • Defining its “5G trials roadmap strategy” for the implementation of advanced pre-commercial and pan-European trials to be launched in key sectors, promoted through European public events, with the aim of ensuring European leadership in the context of the accelerated global agenda for the introduction of 5G.

More information are available at http://5g-ppp.eu