CTTC investigates the environmental impact of (beyond) 5G networks in the GREENEDGE project


CTTC is strongly committed with a sustainable development of communication networks and technologies. For this reason, in the  Green edgeproject, it investigates the environmental impact of mobile networks, AI and edge computing. The goal is to promote, design, and implement machine learning based computing systems for the mobile edge that are highly energy efficient.

For this, a research and training program has been carefully designed to train a generation of new researchers that will work in the field in the coming years. The research program covers multi-disciplinary topics spanning from machine learning to renewable energy resources. CTTC will coordinate such research activities and also supervise 3 out of the 15 PhD students enrolled in the project. The consortium includes renowned researchers from the University of Padova, Imperial College, KU Leuven, University of Oulu, CEA, Toshiba, and Worldsensing. Follow us on the project website.