CTTC will represent at the MWC’22 the DARLENE project, which leverages AR, 5G and MEC cutting-edge technologies to create more secure societies


The DARLENE project develops innovative augmented reality (AR) tools that aim to improve situational awareness when responding to criminal and terrorist activities.

DARLENE combines innovative AR smart glass technology and powerful computer vision algorithms with 5G network architectures to allow agile processing of real-time data by Law Enforcement Agents (LEA). The project will carry out an integrated ethical, data protection, and social impact assessment of augmented reality tools. The technical integration between AR, 5G, and MEC is ongoing towards the creation of the first version of the DARLENE platform. DARLENE will kickstart very soon selected training activities on the DARLENE technology for LEAs. Also, the technical integration between AR, 5G, and MEC is ongoing. Follow us on the website.