SpiderCloud and CTTC Model LTE-U Performance Advancements


Open source NS-3 Network Simulator now has LTE-U capability that supports leading edge features from SpiderCloud’s Enterprise RAN.

SpiderCloud Wireless, Inc., the leading provider of scalable small cell systems, and Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC), the leading resource organization in communication technologies, today announced a successful collaboration that simulates SpiderCloud’s LTE-U performance and includes the developed LTE-U models into the widely used ns-3 network simulator.

In response to requests from USA based mobile operators to demonstrate benefits of SpiderCloud’s LTE-U implementation, SpiderCloud collaborated with the researchers at CTTC who, in 2015, had created the LTE-LAA extensions for the ns-3 simulator (https://www.nsnam.org/wiki/LAA-WiFi-Coexistence). The LTE-U collaboration resulted in modules for:

  • Reference LTE-U implementation based on Carrier-Sensing Adaptive Transmission (CSAT).
  • Wi-Fi baseband listener that replaces the basic energy detection mode defined in LTE-U reference implementation.

“The collaboration in extending ns-3 will benefit academics, researchers, and technology providers around the globe with transparent and reproducible simulations,” said Lorenza Giupponi, Senior Researcher, CTTC. “The LTE-U simulation proves that the baseline implementation vs SpiderCloud specific implementation plays a dramatic role in improving network performance.”

SpiderCloud has used ns-3 to simulate LTE-U that demonstrates an average 20% performance gain via replacing basic energy detection with an innovative Wi-Fi baseband listener. The listener also improves the SON co-existence capabilities of E-RAN by quadrupling the sensing radius of each LTE-U radio. “SpiderCloud’s collaboration with the world class researchers at CTTC was very positive,” said Behrooz Parsay, Senior Vice-President of Engineering, SpiderCloud Wireless. “We were able to deliver test results to our interested mobile operators that can be independently reproduced and understood.”

The ns-3 network simulator including the LTE-U modules can be obtained at bitbucket.org/cttc-lena/ns-3-lena-dev-lte-u

SpiderCloud Wireless’s customers include América Móvil/Telcel, Avea, Verizon, Vodafone UK, Netherlands, & Turkey, among others. SpiderCloud’s Global Reseller Partner is NEC. See more about SpiderCloud’s industry recognition at http://www.spidercloud.com/news/awards