Richi Talent 2017


The high school students Carles Bosch and Ariel Piqué were awarded a Richi Talent Scholarship to visit the CTTC during summer

During this short-term visit, the students received guidance to work on their own research projects in the area Visible Light Communications (VLC). The instruction was provided by Alexis Dowhuszko and Pol Henarejos, two resarchers of the CTTC with vast experience in different wireless communication topics.

VLC is a novel technology that uses electromagnetic spectrum in the region that is visible for the human eye to provide indoor lighting and Internet services simultaneously. When compared to other wireless technologies, VLC has potential to offer data connectivity in situations where communication based on radio signals is not suitable. After identifying these scenarios, Carles Bosch and Ariel Piqué will propose a solution based on VLC that tackles the limitations that other contemporary wireless technologies experience nowadays.

Richi Talent is an international contest in which students compete to solve a theme-based challenge created by companies and institutions of international prestige through a research project. Students represent their schools by choosing challenges in different areas of knowledge: Science and Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Art and Music. Students attend online seminars organized by sponsoring institutions to gather all pertinent information for developing their project. Selected students participate in a short-term research visit, to continue with the development of their projetcs under the guidance of experts in the area of the challenge.