Start: 01/02/2011
End: 31/01/2012
Funding: European, Industrial
Status: Completed
Research unit:
Machine to Machine Communications (M2M)
Acronym: OPENMAC+

This project introduces a new design approach to overcome the limitations of the state-off-the-art in the implementation of MAC protocols either using off-the-shelf Network Interface Based Platforms or custom made hardware solutions based on Field-Programmable-Gate-Arrays (FPGAs) processors.

A novel HW/SW partitioning, the OpenMAC interface based on an innovative architecture with a fast MAC processor and a high level language C is used for programming it, is proposed as an innovative and flexible solution for the validation and the proof-of-concept of MAC protocols.The project is funded by the Innoroute Gmbh company .

Christos Verykoukis
PI/Project Leader
Albert Sitjà
Francisco Vázquez
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