NIST_NRV2X - Modeling, Simulation and Performance Evaluation of NR V2X

Start: 01/11/2019
End: 30/05/2021
Funding: International, Industrial
Status: Completed
Research unit:
Mobile Networks (MONET)
Acronym: NIST_NRV2X

The proposal of this project is focused on conducting timely research and building new theoretical and ns-3 based models for NR V2X. The research agenda leverages the efforts of two previous and separate activities carried out within the Mobile Networks department at CTTC, both lead by Dr. Lorenza Giupponi.

  1.   A collaboration with the University of Washington and the NIST, in the area of Public Safety networks, entitled “Modelling, Simulation and Performance Evaluation for Public Safety Networks“, funded in the context of 2017-NIST-PSIAP-01 NOFO, which resulted in the release of 3GPP Release-12 D2D (Device to Device) feature for ns-3 LTE.
  2. A collaboration with InterDigital, which resulted in the first release of a new NR model  for ns-3,  compliant with 3GPP Release-15 NR.

The planned activities include re-adaptation of upper layers, and in particular RRC (Radio Resource Control), and complete redesign of  PHY and MAC layers to account for the new flexible NR frame structure, new resource allocation granularity,     novel numerology concepts, and new features introduced in NR V2X to support improved use cases,  as compared to C-V2X. In addition, research studies in the areas of mmWave NR V2X and its redesign with beamforming, as well as interface selection, will be performed.

Lorenza Giupponi
PI/Project Leader
Sandra Lagén
Zoraze Ali
Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya
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