Optical Network Control and Service Management Laboratory



The Optical Network Control and Service Management laboratory is mainly intended for management and operation of ADRENALINE testbed®.  This lab is connected to the racks of ADRENALINE testbed® by means of two underground-technical optical links, with several multi-mode and several single-mode patch cords connected between fiber-optic patch panels.

The floor of this room is also certified as conductive, being connected to the electrical ground. Thereby, it is possible to perform hardware maintenance and upgrades on the equipment (e.g., servers, switches) of ADRENALINE testbed® in a safe way.

In this room there are some computers running with advanced and adapted software applications and tools, in order to allow the rapid operation and maintenance of the testbed.

This includes common tasks, such as the configuration and parameterization of the network topology; the generation of client requests modelling the behavior of network customers; or the monitoring, data-mining and statistical processing of obtained results, allowing researchers to obtain numerical performance data and to perform experimental research and quantitative comparative analysis. Currently, this room houses one rack with the edge cloud infrastructure of ADRENALINE testbed®, composed of four micro-DCs in the edge nodes.

Contact: labs.optical@cttc.cat