Weekly Seminar: “HK CityU Overseas Internship Programme: Presentation of project results”

01/08/2019 - 01/08/2019



For the third consecutive year, the CTTC participated in the Overseas Internship Scheme (OIS) programme of Hong Kong City University (HK CityU, https://www.cityu.edu.hk/), aiming at enriching the work experience of its students by offering to them industrial- and research-based training as interns in wold-class institutions all over the world. In this opportunity, four students were selected to spend a 10-week internship at the premises of CTTC during summer 2019. During this weekly seminar, HK CityU students will briefly present the results of the research projects that they have carried out during their visit. In addition, CTTC supervisors will also comment about the experience of instructing Engineering students in this kind of projects.


  • Software-defined implementation of an OFDM-based Visible Light Communication (VLC) demonstrator.

CTTC Supervisor: Dr. Alexis Dowhuszko ( http://www.cttc.es/people/adowhuszko/)

HK CityU students: Yuen Man WAN  (Tracy), Yau Chun WONG (Jeanie) and Fu Chiu YING (Amax).

  •  Application of Machine Learning techniques on a Crowd-sourced Air Quality Monitoring (C-AQM) System.

CTTC Supervisors: Eulàlia Parés, Head of GEON Department (http://www.cttc.es/people/epares/) and Dr. Francisco Vázquez (http://www.cttc.es/people/fvazquez/)

HK CityU student: Benjamin Edward NARRAMORE.


CTTC Auditorium / 10:00h