CTTC hosts the first face to face plenary meeting of the INT5GENT project

19/05/2022 - 20/05/2022


CTTC is hosting the first face to face meeting of the INT5GENT project, “Integrating 5G enabling technologies in a holistic service to physical layer 5G system platform”. From May 19th to May 20th, over 20 researchers from across 6 European countries will discuss and detail the planning and monitoring of the 5G use cases selected for demonstration within INT5GENT. These uses cases encompass the development of novel optical technologies and management platforms necessary to operate the network in a flexible and dynamic way.

INT5GENT is an EU H2020 research project that targets the integration of innovative data plane technology building blocks under a flexible 5G network resource, slice, and application orchestration framework, providing a complete 5G system platform for the validation of advanced 5G services and IoT solutions.
More details about INT5GENT can be found at the project website: https://int5gent.eu/ or by contacting Josep Maria Fabrega at jmfabrega@cttc.es.

Castelldefels, Barcelona -CTTC Building 4-