EARN6G: Advancing Explainable AI and Responsible Networking for 6G


In the realm of 6G networks, a groundbreaking initiative is underway to harness the power of Explainable AI, and it holds the potential to reshape the way we experience digital interactions.

An initiative led by the Services as Networks (SaS) team, addresses a critical social challenge—building trust in the 6G network ecosystem. SaS is paving the way for a more responsible networking future by focusing on high reliability and security. Their innovations not only have technical implications but also carry significant social impact by ensuring that 6G networks are transparent and understandable. As 6G networks move from concept to reality, this initiative aligns with policies related to security and transparency, making it a relevant and novel endeavor that promises to make our digital world more secure, reliable, and trustworthy. This work is the result of research carried out in Spanish research projects AEI ANEMONE, and UNICO I+D projects 6G-DAWN and 6G-BLUR as part of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan funded by EU.