CTTC towards the blurring open RAN vision


Services and Networks and Open Simulations research units of CTTC actively collaborate towards an end-to-end blurring open RAN vision. This is thanks to the public funding that the two research units have jointly received from Grant PID2021-126431OB-I00 (ANEMONE project) funded by MCIN/AEI/10.13039/501100011033 and “ERDF A way of making Europe”, UNICO-5G TSI-063000-2021-56/57 projects funded by the Spanish Government (through two projects 6GBLUR-smart and 6GBLUR-joint), and Generalitat de Catalunya grant 2021 SGR 00770. The main objectives are to derive efficient end-to-end resource management procedures and smart decision-making control mechanisms for virtualized, adaptive, and blurring mobile network architectures. The resources to manage can be distributed and disaggregated through the mobile network, and include spectrum, network capacity, transport and fronthaul resources, baseband processing functions, energy, computing, or storage. To manage the resources from an end-to-end perspective and control the network smartly, in real-time and non-real time, we will exploit AI/ML processes, targeting specific use cases.